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From: shanty. (Thu 31 Aug 2006 12:48:19 AM EDT)
They look so good together.....
From: tea (Thu 21 Sep 2006 04:26:39 PM EDT)
Hey that's a cute jacket she has. I wonder where she got it?
From: Kate seems very down to earth. They look to be a grand couple. (Fri 06 Oct 2006 06:48:37 PM EDT)
I do hope the news media leaves them alone and stops spec at their expenseulating
From: They are so cute together. (Tue 10 Oct 2006 01:44:16 PM EDT)
I sure hope they get married! They make a beautiful couple!
From: kathy (Thu 26 Oct 2006 04:52:44 AM EDT)
are you all blind!she is using him it's obvious to anyone with a pair of eyes
From: roma (Thu 26 Oct 2006 02:43:27 PM EDT)
I have eyes and I can see that clearly.She is using him plane and simple.
From: Moz (Fri 27 Oct 2006 10:34:45 PM EDT)
People can't be "used" if they don't want to be. He's no dummy; he knows exactly what he's doing.
Hey, more power to her!!!
From: jim (Sun 29 Oct 2006 11:52:48 AM EST)
Are you kidin' me?!People CAN be USED with or without their knowledge.Wich world do you live in?People get used all the time.He's a Prince wich makes him an easier target.I'd rather have Chelsy Davy become a Princess.Kate is using him I agree.
From: annie (Mon 30 Oct 2006 11:23:40 AM EST)
Well said jim!
From: Kristeen (Sat 04 Nov 2006 10:43:05 PM EST)
How can you say she is using him?? Does that mean anyone he is associated in a relationship is USING him... give me a break... your just jealous I think@ dummy.
From: laura (Sat 04 Nov 2006 10:43:42 PM EST)
From: P (Wed 08 Nov 2006 09:44:06 AM EST)
ok. i was just reading all comments and i have to admit that i would die to be in her place.
From: P (Wed 08 Nov 2006 09:44:56 AM EST)
i have not been able to let her out of my mind for 6 months just bacause i want to be her
From: p (Wed 08 Nov 2006 09:45:53 AM EST)
but even tough it hurts i have to say good luck because it more a fact When or if they are getting married
From: p (Wed 08 Nov 2006 09:47:12 AM EST)
no other girl have a chance on him now so why keep trackning her down. i belive she is a nice girl who had a great luck finding her dream man in a price
From: P (Wed 08 Nov 2006 09:48:41 AM EST)
even thoug im so jelous (like many of you girls writing bad texts about her) i have to say good luck to her!
From: Celia (Fri 17 Nov 2006 02:44:45 AM EST)
Would it not be a great world if everyone left other people's business out of their own? These people have and deserve the right to privacy that is not given them. Judge not less you be judged in turn .. no one knows if anyone is using anyone. As John Lennon said.. Let it be.
From: a well wisher (Fri 17 Nov 2006 03:57:15 AM EST)
Ithink you should just leave them alone he needs someone like kate he deserves happyness life is taking ricks as william knows ... i hope he has found the happyness he lost when his mother was taken from him i say leave the lad alone he knows what hes doing good luck to both of them !!!!!
From: AMJ (Fri 17 Nov 2006 04:15:37 AM EST)
this feels like Da Ja Vous,
From: are they compatible by the law of God and heaven?? (Fri 17 Nov 2006 04:42:36 AM EST)
From: m (Fri 17 Nov 2006 11:28:30 AM EST)
Am totally envious of her, but must admit I think she's gorgeous. Who are all these folks who think she's not attractive? culture difference perhaps? (I'm American)
From: frank (Fri 17 Nov 2006 04:03:19 PM EST)
kate is certainly attractive, but not as yummy as Willy is.
From: JF (Sat 18 Nov 2006 07:29:48 PM EST)
My friend lives next to her old house, well her parents' house in Berkshire and he thinks they're all very nice.
And another friend has worked with her and her family in their business, apperently she is a very nice girl- so stop being so horrible everyone!
From: q (Mon 20 Nov 2006 06:45:03 AM EST)
P you are not supposed to keep writng over and over again.
just write once.that's how it's done here.
From: Amanda (Tue 21 Nov 2006 01:10:54 PM EST)
The spelling in this forum is shocking!!!
From: P (Fri 24 Nov 2006 06:16:34 PM EST)
well q, i had to much to say.. :-)
From: ljwiz (Mon 27 Nov 2006 10:28:52 AM EST)
I don't get it,she's gorgeous to me, smiling for cameras is being famous graciously(maybe she wants to be liked?)Who wouldn't try a relationship w/William? He's gorgeous, smart, seems kindhearted & a prince!But I'm in US, why do so many in UK hate her?
From: summer (Mon 27 Nov 2006 05:36:27 PM EST)
I am an American, It seems to me this beautiful girl will be judged in a negative way, will always be put under a microscope. She is very gracious and polite for her smiling. Damned if she Does, Damned if she does not. She is in a no win situation.
From: Cecilia (Tue 28 Nov 2006 07:27:02 PM EST)
It's a fairy tale we all dream of No doubt it would be hard to live in the spot light, every move watched, especially since everyone has an opinion. We all loved his mother, he is his mothers legacy. They both deserve love and respect.
From: m (Thu 30 Nov 2006 01:42:29 PM EST)
she's too ugly for him!!!
From: lou (Thu 30 Nov 2006 03:01:55 PM EST)
i wud luv to be in her shoes..hey I would too do anything to get him... why not? face the truth ppl u r jealous of her and if u had the opportunity u wud do the same too...
From: Lisa (Fri 01 Dec 2006 06:24:37 PM EST)
They're both young; I hope they don't feel pressured into marrying before they're truly ready, or bullied into calling it off just b/c they're not ready yet. Poor kids. He does seem level-headed and mature for his age, though, and I hope she is too.
From: Elle (Tue 05 Dec 2006 04:46:34 AM EST)
You guys have got to be kidding me.
Let them be already.
Even if she is ugly, if he likes her, let them be. And by the way, she looks goregeous.
From: SRP (Thu 07 Dec 2006 01:09:40 PM EST)
Good for them?!
Are all you girls crazy?! Do you not realize what she has to put up with?! Shes gotta be under constant pressure to perform and fulfill her "duties" as an exceptional girlfriend/potentialwife/princess...goodluck!!
From: Karen (Mon 11 Dec 2006 10:52:38 PM EST)
Ugly?? She's the prettiest ugly person I've ever seen. Geez...the's not ugly by anyone's standards. Get a grip jealous people??!!
From: BTV (Tue 12 Dec 2006 04:44:08 AM EST)
Okay...Kate is not ugly, but she's not gorgeous (At least in my book).

She's just okay looking to me. I mean, there are prettier girls out there. But she's not my girlfriend, so whatever...
From: gevin (Tue 12 Dec 2006 01:53:50 PM EST)
karen, as a guy i can say that she is the ugliest ugly person i have ever seen.she IS ugly by the majorities standards if u perhaps haven't noticed.nothing's good about her
From: jecca (Wed 13 Dec 2006 07:14:18 PM EST)
It is very obvious that the majority does not like Kate.
I am part of the majority.
No to Kate.
Yes to Chelsy.
From: not a right girl for him (Thu 14 Dec 2006 02:44:55 AM EST)
I don't think she is the right lady to be princess, like Dianna

From: Messiana (Thu 14 Dec 2006 02:47:08 AM EST)
Many right girl for him out there, not a right girl for him at all
From: Butler (Fri 15 Dec 2006 11:10:18 AM EST)
Leave them alone! It is there business , none of ours'
From: Hello (Fri 15 Dec 2006 02:30:35 PM EST)
wonder what it's like having sex with a prince?! Kate.... answer please!
From: US view (Sat 16 Dec 2006 11:04:31 AM EST)
She is a doll, and she's only going to get better looking as she gets older.
From: Proud Friend (Sat 16 Dec 2006 05:00:38 PM EST)
wow imagine what it would be like to have your every move watched,to live your life on pins and needles.She is beautiful beauty is only skin deep have some consideration and some compassion
From: Crusty (Sat 16 Dec 2006 09:25:26 PM EST)
Iwish for them both the best. I hope the press leave them alone.
From: p (Sun 17 Dec 2006 09:16:28 AM EST)
im from sweden and my country are filled with extreamly beutiful girls. kate is relly beutiful. i dont think anyone can say that she is ugly because that is not the case. i say go kate!
From: joanna (Sun 17 Dec 2006 01:50:59 PM EST)
kate is so totaly using him to get publicity and MONEY and i believe that the Prince does not realize what she is doing.
From: Realiste. (Mon 18 Dec 2006 07:35:46 PM EST)
They seem to like each other and no ammount of your hating is gonna change that. Where here are lovers, there'll always be haters.Don't concentrate on the haters Kate and keep on holding it down. AS for the haters: GET A LIFE and sip on some "haterade".
From: Big Swinging DCK (Tue 19 Dec 2006 03:16:58 AM EST)
I think brits are the most jeleousist in the world. So much for their culture and mental development
From: Me (Tue 19 Dec 2006 07:32:47 PM EST)
Prince William has been the male version of a slut all these years and he deserves to be used I say. He can choose any girl he likes at any time and he already knows from family experience that divorce is an easy out. Use him Kate! : D
From: Bah Humbug (Wed 20 Dec 2006 07:39:02 AM EST)
The prince (lol) is just a human like Kate and the rest of us "commoners". What makes him better than us? The money that his family have that none of them have earned? They've been living off taxpayers too long. They are the users IMO.
From: Charlotte (Wed 20 Dec 2006 02:28:53 PM EST)
Hey guys, whatever we'd write here, it won't affect them anyway, will it?
From: jelly bean (Thu 21 Dec 2006 03:41:01 PM EST)
kathy..jim...u r reli sad!! u must lead such a sad little life to express how jealous u r!!!
From: American (Mon 25 Dec 2006 04:40:14 PM EST)
It's so sad that British people have to consider themselves "commoners". Royals are no better than anyone else. Across the pond we have an idiotic president that is no where near as smart as the rest of us! God help us! :)
From: Jules (Australia) (Wed 27 Dec 2006 12:22:34 AM EST)
We have a Prime Minister who licks the shoes of your president. He's dumber than a cockroach.

These "Royals" (Oh la di da) are obsolete elitists. Who would want to join in the madness of that family who act like a family only for appearances sake?

Run Kate.
From: P (Fri 29 Dec 2006 05:28:23 AM EST)
you know what people, i feel with kate. i just happend to get into this site and saw all your comments. i am acually dating a prince myself (true). and i love him he is the best thin that ever happend to me and thats not because if a do marry him i will be a princess. a wish her luck and love!
From: p (Fri 29 Dec 2006 05:28:44 AM EST)

and i think it is the same in their relatyionship, ive met william and dont think he would let him self be used...
From: 3 (Sat 30 Dec 2006 01:02:51 AM EST)
You people are horrible!! I've never seen such terrible comments about people, you don't even know. I hope people talk about you the same way!! I wish both of them a long, happy life together.
From: An American Mom (Sun 31 Dec 2006 07:30:57 AM EST)
Some things are just not our business. This is one of them. We do not know William and Kate, just what the "media" spins about them. A mean spirit is not attractive, why not live and let live?
From: JW in US (Mon 01 Jan 2007 12:17:30 PM EST)
Happy New Year William & Kate. May you both have the happy lives you deserve. It's not about looks, people. It's about the look in thier eyes when they are together. She is not using him. She (and he) are in love. Let him finally have peace and happiness. What's so wrong with that?
From: Rachel (Wed 03 Jan 2007 06:45:53 PM EST)
I think this young woman is beautiful. She will only become more so as she grows older.
From: The Truth (Wed 03 Jan 2007 11:30:30 PM EST)
Royal Forum haters are here spreading their jealous lies. What a pathetic lot. William loves Kate. Get over it. And get a life. And grow up. In any order.
From: Asher (Thu 04 Jan 2007 05:56:57 PM EST)
The girl has class and brains, I think Prince W wants her because he can steel her hair in the night! Wait and see, soon Kate will be bald and Wills will have a full mop
From: Me, myself and Eye (Fri 05 Jan 2007 04:02:43 PM EST)
Long live George W. Bush!!!!!!!!!!
From: Mimi-chan (Sat 06 Jan 2007 02:08:06 AM EST)
Asher-Class & Brains? It doesn't take a genius to graduate college - she hasn't gone off and become a rocket scientist, has she? And class? Just because she is sensible enough to dress decently and keep her mouth shut doesn't make her classy lady.
From: Louisa (Sat 06 Jan 2007 03:16:20 AM EST)
They look relaxed & in love. Why not be happy for them and hope that Kate keeps him content for years to come - he obviously loves her, so let us hope that she is just as fond of him, too!
From: kate (Sat 06 Jan 2007 05:53:09 AM EST)
how i wish i cud b her... i reaaallly wish!!!!
From: Ann (Sat 06 Jan 2007 09:31:17 AM EST)
Kate is so cute.. i think she will be the new queen..
From: Ur mum (Sat 06 Jan 2007 04:32:41 PM EST)
wtf.. Get a life! your probably all a bunch of green eyed orgers anyway!
From: Aurelia (Sun 07 Jan 2007 02:03:49 PM EST)
I like this pict because it's kinda natural .. a b/f and g/f doing what the rest of us would do .. being together, chatting .. no pretense, no hollywood glitch and glamour, no fakey dress me up for the camera, no stuck on smiles .. just a guy and his girl or a girl and her guy :)
From: Carol (Sun 07 Jan 2007 02:05:04 PM EST)
If this is the girl he can have fun with, be happy with, and genuinely loves, and she is able to deal with media, I say good luck to the couple ...(she seems bright,smart, and goal directed)
From: Julia (Sun 07 Jan 2007 10:39:46 PM EST)
I like her jacket and I think that Wills is not being used since he has seen many people try to suck his blood like leeches. He would have seen right through her.
From: Sarah (Mon 08 Jan 2007 01:37:35 AM EST)
What a gorgeous couple they make seem very happy and suited
From: yuck (Mon 08 Jan 2007 06:26:10 AM EST)

From: double yuck (Mon 08 Jan 2007 06:26:54 AM EST)

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