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From: jessy (Thu 26 Oct 2006 04:39:04 AM EDT)
Her smile bugs me for some reason.
It's like she loves the attention.
Donno just bugs me.
From: sy (Thu 26 Oct 2006 02:42:29 PM EDT)
Me too actually.She always seems to love the attention.Wills has the worst luck ending up with her.
Poor guy
From: Hanna (Sat 28 Oct 2006 12:13:14 AM EDT)
She's cute and they are happy...perhaps some people are just jealous...
From: catherine (Sun 29 Oct 2006 11:48:40 AM EST)
Perhaps they would be if people already didn't dislike her as much as they do.No one is usually jeaoulus of someone who has been named a manipulator.
From: hannah (Mon 30 Oct 2006 11:21:59 AM EST)
I personaly don't think she's cute.Jeoulusy towards her is non existant in me and everybody else I know.I'm more jelous of Camilla and THAT tells you just about how little I even care about Kate!
From: q (Mon 20 Nov 2006 06:41:46 AM EST)
i agree.
From: melissa (Sat 09 Dec 2006 10:55:23 PM EST)
Do you know why her smile bugs you? Because it's so strange to see a British person with beautiful teeth! Her hair also! She's so far and above ANY other British person I have seen - and I've been to England MANY times!
From: anonymous (Tue 12 Dec 2006 01:49:35 PM EST)
i can guarantee u that she is the ugliest british girl that has ever seen daylight.victoria beckham is british and she's hot.
who are u melissa?don't bother answering, i already know.
From: jecca (Wed 13 Dec 2006 07:19:38 PM EST)
Even when she's graduating she looks kind of weird.
Go Chelsy Davy!
We love you.
Kate middleton is a totaly different story.
From: p (Mon 18 Dec 2006 10:32:47 AM EST)
im from sweden and my country are filled with extreamly beutiful girls. kate is relly beutiful. i dont think anyone can say that she is ugly because that is not the case. i say go kate!
From: Maz (Tue 19 Dec 2006 07:28:02 PM EST)
She reminds me of Princess Mary, looks wise, posing wise and the fact that she too "bumped" into a prince. She knew who Frederik was before she "met" him.
From: Me (Tue 19 Dec 2006 07:34:52 PM EST)
Prince William has been the male version of a slut all these years and he deserves to be used I say. He can choose any girl he likes at any time and he already knows from family experience that divorce is an easy out. Use him Kate! : D
From: Moarine (Sat 06 Jan 2007 03:02:59 AM EST)
I went to university with her (unfortunately never met Wills) and found her very down to earth and average. She isn't anything special but she most definitely isn't ugly or attention seeking like many might think.
From: Versaillesismyhome (Sat 06 Jan 2007 03:04:31 AM EST)
Do not like her...too safe, too "bring me home to the Queen". Wish she had a little more flavor or spice. Now Chels Davy...she is my girl!
From: Rup (Sat 06 Jan 2007 03:07:17 AM EST)
Hey-has anyone stopped to wonder how hard her position might be? After marriage, her life won't be all tiaras & gowns. Just because she fell in love with Wills, she will have to give up everything...
From: Rup (Sat 06 Jan 2007 03:09:04 AM EST)
She either gets married or doesn't...but if she doesn't she loses her soulmate. If she does, her life from there on will be full of compromises - she won't be able to do simple every day stuff any more!
From: Rup (Sat 06 Jan 2007 03:11:09 AM EST)
And imagine the pressure living in a fishbowl will bring to their happy married life. You can bet if Wills even looks at another girl, he will be accused of cheating...same goes with her!
From: Rup (Sat 06 Jan 2007 03:13:10 AM EST)
So...I applaud her courage in trying to pursue an regular relationship with Wills. She definitely seems to have to stamina and strength to be persistent and unwavering in her devotion to their relationship.
From: Sarah (Mon 08 Jan 2007 01:35:57 AM EST)
I think she is stunning and am sure she will make a gorgeous Princess

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